Bad Customer Service is Destroying Your Business

Your Employees Are Destroying Your Business by These Behaviors

How can it be that a fully engaged business owner would tolerate mediocre customer service? What possible benefit can come from ignoring your customers?

This article will examine some of the classic negligent behaviors that shun customers, alienate others and  cause massive disruption to peace of mind and customer loyalty.

The business will find no amount of discounting will fix the negligence identified in today’s post.

Bad Customer Service

Rude or Ignorant Staff 

The help desk is created to help customers. But first you have to be able to talk to a rep who has the knowledge, attitude and expertise to solve your issue. The frustration begins with calls to your service provider that are not answered. The message from your vendor is Your call is important- Just not important enough to answer” 

Having made the call to resolve an issue- and gone to a voice mail that is not returned or being put on hold frustration begins. The frustration causes your customer to question working with you to begin with.

This issue is exacerbated when the problem is a medical service provider. Doctors are not expected to answer the phone- but many will not return calls either. All messages are filtered through staff.

Patients are not comforted to relay personal information regarding illness to staff they do not know or trust.

A bigger issue develops. Your medical condition is relayed to your doctor by the staff who are not doctors. They do not understand your problem and cannot tell your doctor the answers to follow up questions.

Failure points become obvious. Loyalty to that doctor is not guaranteed and the patient will soon find another doctor who cares enough about you to call you back.

Rudeness and Ignorance is a two way street. The poor rep who can solve the issue is abused by the customer for the long wait, lack of knowledge and constant transfers. Either way, that business who failed to invest in staffing, telephone lines has engaged in negative experiences and branding for itself.

Bad Customer Service

Not Answering Emails

Today’s customers have choices.

  • Failing to look after the customer by long lag times with emails, not returning calls or texts is a recipe for attrition and poor sales growth. The firm will likely have to discount services to make up this revenue.
  • Discounting is not the answer as full paying customers see they are over paying now and they want a lower rate. If everyone gets the lower rate and overhead stays the same, the firm will show an even higher loss.

All because they failed to look after the customer. The customer is the reason for being in business. If the customer is not the reason for being there the operation is likely doomed to fail anyway. 

Not Completing the Job on Time or On Budget

Have you ever hired a contractor who starts a job and never completes it? Or he wants to get paid early? This is a classic behavior of  handymen. They take on the job, scheduling is fast – but there is a catch. Your left hanging.

As a result, customers suffer and they need to rehire other contractors.  That handyman has failed to realize his referral base is not well served. Asking for money before the job is over is detrimental to success.

Bad Customer Service

Not Taking Pride or Caring About Your Work

You see it all of the time. Employees who don’t care about the job. Many employees would rather be anywhere else than where they are.

Have you ever gone to a business 3 minutes before it opens and the employee wont open the door to the last second? When they do there is no cheerful greeting- the attitude is ” Oh its Monday. I hate Monday’s. Is it 5 o’clock yet?

  • In this example the customer is there to do business. The staff are not focused on your business.
  • This lack of focus and negative attitude is destructive to future business success.

One day another service provider who wants your business will court you away. You will be happy to leave as you remember the negative experiences of yesterday.

 Why is this Behavior Tolerated?

  • Most of the business owners are unaware of their employees’ toxic behavior. Online reviews are not taken seriously. There is a feeling that only the bad ones get posted.
  •  Management either doesn’t pay attention or encourages the behavior so that it can achieve their sale targets in less time and receive bonuses or other benefits.
  • Management doesn’t consider the bigger picture. Owners care more about money than people- or that is the mindset of the consumer who cant get the problem fixed. The owner has to overcome this impression and reach out to the consumer to change that mindset.

Most importantly owners should be involved in their business, They should look around and see the phone is never answered. They can have team meetings to discuss long wait times.

What is wrong with caring about your customers? Medical Doctors have a duty of care to treat their patients- but if they cared enough to call them back or return and email that would show the patient they are important. The patient would feel there is someone in the world who cares enough about them to do more than cash their check.

In today’s fast paced business world consumers leave reviews. If those reviews are not skewed positive this has to be addressed by taking whatever action is warranted.