Finding Customers

“People don’t buy products, they buy solutions.” – Meredith Hill

Having no knowledge “where” or “how” to get your customers is challenging. You will have a hard time targeting the right customer for your newly opened business without a clear plan that spells out who the target audience is, why they should buy from you – and what competitive advantages you offer.

Lack of planning  will lead to depression, lack of confidence, and possibly financial ruin.

It is a common challenging experience when starting your own business, but if you have the will to do it, nothing is impossible.

First, Focus on who are your target customers: 

For example if you are offering professional services, you can start going to the small businesses who are experiencing a pain point in a definite area of their business.

You can offer a low cost trial of your service to generate brand awareness and knowledge of your product or service.

Second, Introduce the service/product to the target customer: 

  • What are the pros and cons when they avail or try it.
  • Why  should they buy from you?
  • Why should they leave the existing producer or supplier of that product or service ?
  • What makes you special ?

Once you have thought it out- then confidently approach your target consumer.

  • Be respectful of their time. Business people are very busy! Be polite but to the point.
  • Remember that, customers don’t just avail your products and services, but they want something they can trust and rely on.
  • When marketing your business, do not aim for “How will I get many customers?”.
  • Identify them by finding out their interests and get involve to let them know about your business services/products.
  • Let them know you can be trusted and will not close shop right away. Remember the customer takes a risk by doing business with a startup.

You can say “I am just starting up and still building my business, I am not as big as the others, but I can assure that you will have the best services you can have to meet the needs of your business.

  • I can offer a fresh ideas and services which is beneficial to your growth in the short, medium and long term.
  • When you start getting customers, be sure you deliver on your promises. Under promise and over deliver!!

Third, Dealing with Competitors:

  • We all know that competition is quite a common for a starting business. It will be the first problem you will face for a business startup:
  • Know your audience. Understand what they need. Showcase what is different about your business. Point out your competitive advantages.

Fourth, Strategy: 

  • You can now pinpoint the services you are offering by introducing the strength and its advantages.
  • The best services you can offer to your target customers. By giving them a free trial and let them enjoy the benefits they can get by the first free service trial. They can have the freedom to choose whether to continue the trial and avail the full service with minimal amount to pay.
  • Letting them know they can save more and get the satisfaction they want will put at ease in their minds and to their business.
  • You can now then start promoting your service through different social media platforms. Let them know about your new business and what you offer. Offer visual aids, videos and link it to an informative and appealing website.
  • Be sure to approach your target customers with a great attitude, How to help you grow?” rather than What is in it for me?. By being a great resource to your customers, you show professional relationship with them.

Fifth, Research  

  • Start doing some surveys to the other strong competitors and find out their strengths and weaknesses.
  • By doing so, you will be prepared for the future impact and what backup plans you can do to able to compete and continue getting loyal trustworthy customers.

Six, Introspect: 

  • Introspect on Product Market Fit. Make sure your product is better that what is out there. Be helpful. Be friendly. Be professional.
  • You can let them know you always have a great to offer for them like discounts and free trials. Building a strong relationship to your customers will lead to referrals to others and a lasting relationship with them.
  • Lastly, You may even decide to offer a generous credit term as an incentive.
  • Attracting new customers and giving a special offer or discounts will always get their attention.

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. You can offer a free trial fee or money back guarantee if needed.

A great business always build a strong relationship to the customers. Remember business is service, not just meeting a need.



“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.” –Jeff Bezos

Article by Asia Mondejar:

Asia is a very professional, dynamic self-starting individual with a vast amount of experience with sales and marketing.
She is very easy to work with a great attitude. We are inspired by her strong work ethic and perseverance.